The world's leading digital asset mining service provider.

A large-scale comprehensive group company integrating mine management, mining machine rental and sales, mining machine custody, computing power trading, and mining pool construction

Key features

Mining machine hosting

We have approximately 200,000 mining machine slots available for hosting by global users. It also provides rental and sale of mining machines.

Hash power trading

We can provide a convenient trading market for HASH Power for global users. You can easily sell hash power to our global customers, and you can also buy hash power in our market for calculations.


Mining pool construct

Powerful mining pool construction and operation can provide Technical support for the construction of mining pools all over the world. We can help you build the mining pool in the most competitive place in the world.

Our dedicated mining operations house one of the largest currently – owned and operating bitcoin mining fleets in the world

Hash Rate

1337 PH / S

The maximum processing capacity of our miners Info

A hash rate represents the amount of times per second that miners — specialized computers — perform network operations. As a large – scale participant in the global, decentralized network of miners, BITCUBE contributes to the crucial function of verifying transactions on the bitcoin network, and earns bitcoin rewards for doing so. PH/s stands for one quadrillion hashes per second.

Number of Miners


The total number of mining assets in our network Info

Miners are specialized computer hardware designed to verify blocks of bitcoin transactions and in turn, secure the network. Miners earn newly-created bitcoins and transaction fees in connection with providing this service.

Bitcoins Mined

1434 BTC

The total number of bitcoins earned since our inception Info

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency operated by a decentralized authority; bitcoin transactions are verified by the computing power of a global pool of specialized, privately-owned computers. BTC stands for bitcoin.

All news

Some Bitcoin mining companies are claiming to be going green. With energy consumption at the forefront of the crypto community, Bloomberg looks at how BITCUBE is using stranded energy to hit the goals of the Crypto Climate Accord.

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