A leader in the blockchain industry and the most advantageous industry solution provider.

The majority of our fleet runs on carbon-free energy, making us leaders in sustainability within the bitcoin mining industry.


Low Threshold

Provide a convenient experience process, everyone can participate, making mining easier!


Industry Leader

12 self-built clean energy mines in North America, with electric load of 120Mw.


Legal Compliance

The certificates are complete, and the mine holds local legal approvals. Have a stable power supply at a favorable price.


Strong Capital

BITCUBE has received capital assistance from a number of international investment institutions, with a cumulative infusion of more than 200 million US dollars.1


Service Guarantee

100% of the loss of the computing power is paid, and the output is guaranteed to be greater than the average value of the entire network.


Leading Technology

The founding team comes from international technical operation and maintenance teams such as Silicon Valley in the United States and China, ensuring continuous innovation of products and service models, and providing users with more abundant mining products.

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